Top Three Countries That Satisfy A Vegan’s Wanderlust And Food Curiosity

Travel and food always go hand in hand. In fact, most holidaymakers would probably agree that the sampling of a place’s traditional cuisine is always an anticipated highlight of every trip! But, when you’re a travelling vegan, finding meatless and gluten-free food can be challenging and complicated, what with the language barrier and the predominantly meat-loving cultures. Here, you will find the best tourist destinations worldwide where you can indulge without compromising your organic lifestyle.


Aside from India, Britain is arguably the only other country where vegetarianism is enshrined in the law. As a matter of fact, about 4 million Brits claimed to be vegans in 2012. So, you can just imagine the number of raw food cafés and vegetarian restaurants in London and other major tourist destinations in the UK. This means you can enjoy healthy, organic and, most importantly, flavourful meals wherever your feet take you. Best of all, some of these diners offer a taste of other local cuisines, such as Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese and Italian. Very few places can offer so many options and such high standards.


This country has centuries-old tradition of pure vegetarian food, owed to the historical influence of Buddhism. So it’s not surprising to know that apart from stunning ancient architecture and monuments, China also boasts a wide variety of organic food selections. Why, it’s basically easy to spot vegan restaurants in major cities and even smaller towns! And, thanks to the creativity and innovativeness of the Chinese people, you can enjoy “mock meats”, which are actually tofu-based products that emulate the texture, shape and flavour of real meat, without the guilt. Ready to check out some Beijing vegetarian restaurants?


Vegetable dishes are as bountiful as the breathtaking views in the Turkish land. Yes, organic produce are more commonly used than meats in most Turkish dishes. However, in some pilavs and stews, a bit of meat may be used to impart taste and flavour. So, you might want to look closely at the menu. For a healthy, delicious nosh, order a plate of the traditional dolma (stuffed grape leaves or bell peppers) or börek (cheese or potato-filled pastry). Since many stuffed vegetables contain mostly rice, they are pretty much satisfying and filling, giving you the energy you need for your touring and outdoor activities.

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